What is No-Suits.com?

Automated consultancy is not limited to the implementation of consultancy. It extends to the purchase of consultancy services as well. Enter our No-Suits.com shopping front-end.

Clients do need your advice also after regular business hours. Understanding your techology is not just a nine-to-five job. You can present the variety and depth of your advice or technology up close and personal to your clients in an online store. No-Suits.com has a generic section (open to ‘the general public’) as well as your own section, just for your clients.

Transparency Lab provides you with a complete online shopping front-end for CloutCrowd.

Four reasons why you need No-suits.com


Be open 24*7
Managers don’t stop working at 17:00. Tech clients want to ponder strategic purchases during down-time. In this ‘always on’-economy: who is not open 24*7? Like ‘clicks & bricks’ you now have ‘Suits & No-Suits’

Accelerate your invoicing
Online ordering means pay-as-they-order which brings your moment of cash receipt two to three months earlier. No invoice discussions afterwards; reduced time sheet management.

Expand your market
Management levels below the board and SME’s are just two examples of huge groups of clients that usually do not order consultancy themselves. Lower their barrier by going online and start expanding your market.

Enable cross-selling
Delight your clients with your ample service portfolio. Let them taste your knowledge and experience. Prep them in advance for your off-site. Inform. Cross-sell.

Sneak Preview: Magic Wizard

The magic Client Wizard of our AI platform Cloutcrowd will soon be accessible through our No-Suits.com store. Your clients can shop for an assessment, order it and immediately download a link to our Client Wizard.

With this Client Wizard, clients can modify your 99%-ready assessment with look-&-feel options like their company logo and brand colors, personalize various texts and add their own departments etc. to get the dashboards that mimic their organizational structure.

You bill. They do the nitty-gritty.

Sneak Preview: CRM 3.0

With our CRM 3.0 you get paid for your own hyper-qualified sales leads! In the world of lead generation, especially in B2B for consultancy firms and technology vendors, it takes a lot of effort – and cash – to find out where the hot leads are.

No-Suits.com (the store) and CloutCrowd (the artificial intelligence consultancy engine) enables you to scale fast. Our industry/segment lead engine uses artificial intelligence to analyze a client’s response profile to determine who to sell what and why. Hence, the system tells you which client opportunity is hot. And which is not.

The lazy salesman’s dream.

(Available Q3 2018)

Share your wisdom

Transparency Lab generates the wisdom of the crowds through AI into smart and self-explanatory dashboards that deliver an organisation with precious information.

And of course we’re very curious what you would like to see as a future add-on.

What functionality would you like to suggest in automated consultancy? Any online store features you’d prefer? We’d love to hear your ideas. Let us know.