Artificial Intelligence can do the magic when it comes to managing organizations.

Yet, as consequences for organisations may be hefty, our algorithms must be rooted in solid scientific research. Therefore, Transparency Lab has founded the TLab Research Institute to structurally work on the scientific foundation of our SaaS platform.

We collaborate with universities and offer ample opportunities for students and PhD candidates alike. The TLab Research Institute regularly publishes blogs and scientific articles. AMAIZE is our “glossy” in which we summarize scientific findings in an easy-to-digest and attractive format.


800 million employees have no access to consultancy services

This blog is dedicated to Automated Consultancy.

In the Western world, 99% of consultants serve 1% of the organizations. World-wide, 99% of consultants serve 0,001% of the organizations. That means there are 800 million employees without access to consultancy know-how.

Yet, these people also need to serve their clients better, to optimize their IT, to improve their internal processes, to engage their teams, to control their suppliers. The traditional consulting delivery model is fully inadequate to address this demand.

Less travel, interviews, juniors pulling all-nighters in Excel. More online delivery, Big Data, pattern recognition and machine learning.

Suits (traditional delivery) and No-Suits (online delivery) will blend like clicks & bricks.