How is your online B2B lead generation?
Dear respondent,   

60% of the purchasing proces (orientation, research, long list) happens without any contact with a (sales) person from the vendor. 
You will probably have your website and online brochures ready. But ... how to engage in a meaningfull dialogue with your prospects?  

Some social media (like Twitter and Facebook) are not so much geared for a dialogue: a like; a short sentence, and that is it. 
Other social media are more focused on Business-to-Business (like LinkedIn).  The rule is: first create Content; only then make Contact; 
and only then work on the sale (Cash). Hence, we have 3 questionnaires: Content, Contact en Cash. 

Submitting your answers will take 6 min. Please give two answers per question: what is your actual situation and what is your ambition 
for the coming 6 months? Is a question not applicable for you, or if you don't know the answer: just skip it.  

Click on the last page on 'I want my report!'. You'll get your benchmark, personal scores and suggested improvements by email 
in a couple of minutes.  Rest assured: WE WILL NOT CALL YOU about this report or regarding your interest in Transparency Lab.
See this report as a thank-you for taking your time to familiarize yourself with our software. 

However, if you are interested to see how automated consulting is 5 to 10 times cheaper, faster and more precise than 
traditional consulting methods, we are delighted to help you further.

We wish you a bright future fueled by numerous B2B leads!  

Best regards,  

The Transparency Lab team  
Amsterdam / Shanghai
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